Efficient and Secure Interim Living Solutions

Mercury Moving offers climate-controlled vault storage in a secure warehouse. Vault storage is different from self-storage, as it requires labor to access each vault. However, vault storage can be more cost effective for the following reasons:

  • Reduction in travel time – The destination is also our warehouse.
  • Economical use of space – The vaults are smaller than most storage units are. This allows for tailoring of space to meet specific storage needs. With self-storage, customers needlessly pay for full units, when all they need to store are a few items.
  • Less labor time – Some self-storage units are on a top floor and down long hallways. Access to these units translates into more time, which means more money.
  • Rental pads and reduction in damages – Because your furniture will be in our care, custody, and control we provide pad rentals at an economic cost to ensure your furniture is well protected. The majority of self-storage units do not offer pad rentals. Properly wrapped furniture is less susceptible to damage.

One vault is 245 cubic feet (5 by 7 by 7 ½ feet) and can hold up to 2000 pounds, or the contents of a medium-sized room.

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