1. What is travel time?
2. What is the minimum time for a job?
3. How is the time on the bill calculated?
4. What should I expect if I am scheduled for an afternoon move?
5. What if something is damaged during my move?
6. What is Valuation?
7. What is certificate Valuation?
8. What items are not covered by damage and/or certificate Valuation?
9. Why is the actual cost of the move lower/higher than the estimated cost?
10. Why am I making a deposit?
11. What if I cancel my move?
12. What does “no packing” mean? (If I indicated there will be no packing, what will the movers expect when they arrive?)
13. What will the movers not move?
14. How do I pack?
15. Where can I get moving supplies?
16. What is the Bill of Lading?
17. What is COD?
18. What can the movers disconnect?
19. Why do the rates change during the month?
20. What is a Hoisting Fee?
21. What is the warehouse-handling fee?
22. What is the Warehouse Access fee?