“Packing is essential preparation, much like painting a house. One must prepare the surface well, for even the best paint job will soon peel if you do not scrape with zeal.”

Packing is a critical part of moving – it is the foundation for a successful move. Whether it be a full-pack or partial-pack, when you hire Mercury Moving to pack your belongings, you items will receive the attention and care necessary to help prevent damage.

Packing is a time-consuming and intensive. If you require packing services, we will most likely recommend that one of our service representatives do an on-site estimate. This free service will help to ensure the estimate is as close as possible to the actual cost. Click here to submit a request for an estimate for packing services.

We understand not everyone is able to hire professionals to pack their belongings. This is why we provide free consultation on how to pack properly. If you have any questions on how to pack a specific item, please call the office and one of our staff members will provide you with the guidance to pack your items safely. You can also review our packing tips. Another option is to hire Mercury Moving to pack delicate items such as china or labor intensive items like the contents of shelving units.

For your convenience, you can purchase packing supplies from Mercury Moving, which we will deliver for free.