Mercury Movers

“Mercury movers are the strength of this company – without their care, hard-work, and expertise Mercury Moving’s vision and supporting strategy would be ideas on paper.”

Mercury Movers are uniformed, polite, experienced, and most importantly take pride in their work. When a Mercury Mover arrives at your home/office, you can rest assured that he/she will make your living/office transition as seamless as possible.

“The Anchors”

The following are Mercury Moving’s “anchor” crewmembers. They all have at least six (some 13!) years moving experience and serve as mentors to the junior crewmembers.

Santiago Guzman
Driver and Moving Specialist
Specialty: Meticulousness and brawn – Winning combination for any mover!

Lenny Ferreira
Driver and Moving Specialist
Specialty: Assertive leadership
If you’re a local Boston music aficionado and Lenny is on your move, then you’re lucky enough to have a quasi-celebrity moving you into your new residence. Lenny (bass) was a former member of the band inhale. The band frequently used to play local springboard venues like Bills Bar and the Middle East, and their music could be heard on WAAF.

John Simonian
Specialty: Keeping a calm head

Mercury Management

“Managing the details of your move as if it were our own.”

A. Garrett Hennessy
Managing Member

Jessica McMaster Hennessy
Managing Member